Friday, January 22, 2010

Fervere! It's bread time!

If you happen to be in the mood for fresh-baked, hand-crafted, organic artisan breads, then you’ll be in luck three times a week at Fervere. This tiny Kansas City bakery is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and they close as soon as they run out of bread… which is generally very fast.

Fred Spompinato, founder and proprietor of Fervere, started up his business in 2000 with one goal in mind: to bake only the greatest and freshest bread. He built his giant brick oven by hand, trawled local mills and farms for high quality ingredients, and, before long, he was producing some of the finest breads in the city.

As Fervere aims only to be a bakery, you won’t find anything else inside. It’s a small space, and there aren’t any chairs, any drinks, or any menus. The entire place contains only a counter, some shelves, a baker’s table, a mixer, and an enormous oven. That’s it. Their website contains plenty of photos of their small, yet fascinating space.

Fervere does not offer a lot in terms of selection. In fact, their entire line of artisan breads consists of only ten different styles. First and foremost is pain au levain, a classic French sourdough. It’s a round, dense bread with only three ingredients: flour, salt, and levain (a leavening agent). This is by far the most “ordinary” bread they serve, though. Other notables are the pain complet, a hearty loaf made containing nothing but seeds and grains, the orchard loaf, which is a sweet bread full of fruits and walnuts, and the cheese slipper, a crusty, porous ciabatta overflowing with smoked cheddar and garlic cheese curds.

Loaves range between five and seven dollars each, and selection is limited to whatever they happen to have left, so if you want some bread, you had better arrive as soon as possible. On Thursdays and Fridays, the bakery opens at 11 AM, and it opens at 9:30 on Saturdays, so you won’t have to get up too early. Fervere is located at 1702 Summit, so get downtown, snag some free samples, and load up on some of Kansas City’s best bread.

Definitely an A+ for fresh, delicious bread. Also, A+ for free samples.

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