Friday, January 22, 2010

André's! André's! It has an accent AND an apostrophe!

ver been to André's Confiseries Suisse? If the answer is no, you owe yourself an apology, because you've been missing out on one of Kansas City's oldest and finest bakeries.

André's Confiserie Suisse has been serving up tasty Swiss-style treats since 1955, and now, 54 years later, it is still home to the fanciest and most delicate of cakes, tortes, tarts, and chocolates. Pictured here is the decadent Dobosh slice, a Swiss take on a classic Hungarian cake. A traditional Dobosh cake is composed of five layers of yellow cake, but André's Confiserie Suisse ups the ante by adding two extra layers of cake and seven layers of ganache. Also, they cover the whole thing in chocolate, which has obvious advantages.

The cake at André's is utterly fantastic, but those intrepid enough to eat even more can feast upon an enormous selection of traditional tortes, a vast sea of artisan chocolates (as well as chocolate covered pretzels, nuts, cookies, and more), or even breakfast or lunch. Yes, you could technically spend almost all day eating here. They open at eight-thirty on weekdays (André's is closed Mondays), and they don't close until five, so there's plenty of time to come and go.

Lunch at André's varies from day to day, and also week to week, as their chefs create a new menu for every week of the year. Sometimes you might walk in to find them serving lasagna, but another day they might have something slightly less predictable, such as cod casserole. Fortunately, André's offers two entrees every day, and if you don't like what they have downtown, you can always hop over to the Leawood location for a completely different lunch menu.

Of course, there's more to André's Confiserie Suisse than any Examiner could possibly hope to fit in a single article. André's is a little pricey, but its fantasic quality makes it an exceptional bargain. Additionally, the customer service is excellent, so André's Confiserie Suisse is a Kansas City staple that you certainly would not want to miss.

André's Confiseries Suisse locations:

  • 5018 Main St., Kansas City, 816.561.6484
  • 4929 W. 119th St., Overland Park, 913.498.3440

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