Monday, February 15, 2010

Dropping H's Everywhere

I, for one, have always wondered what "Soho" meant, so I looked it up. If you are referring to Soho of London, the name purportedly refers to a 17th century hunting call. The SoHo of New York is a portmanteau of "South of Houston Street".
The SOHO Cafe and Bakery of Kansas City, Mo capitalizes every letter of its name, so it could mean anything, even an acronym for Surreptitious Occulators Hunting Omnibuses. Regardless, it's the name of an interesting bakery downtown.
And how about that bakery, you might ask? Well, my experience there was certainly a positive one. Their cafe is high-ceilinged and wide open, as you can see in the artfully captured photo below.
Yes, it's true. The SOHO Bakery actually contains a purple column, which gives them a +1 equity bonus on a second mortgage, should they ever need one.
Now, on to the food. In my usual fashion, I waltzed up to the pastry case and selected an item at random, which turned out to be a heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberry cake. Also available was a peanut butter mousse tartlette, a cherry tartlette, and a variety of cookies.
This is, of course, a scandalously small selection of baked goods. In their defense, I did not arrive until one o' clock PM, and, as they close at two, there was not a whole lot left of that morning's baking. Most likely, this means that they bake everything fresh every morning, which is definitely a good thing. However, that is not necessarily the case.
Here is a picture of that cake, which rang up at $2.71:

Not bad, eh? Here's a picture of the inside. Also featured is a plastic fork:

Now, you ought to know that this was served on a napkin on top of a floral-patterned paper plate. Naturally, I excluded this from my pictures. Also, please note the color of the cake. If it was strawberry cake, they must have added the fruit with an eyedropper, because I could neither see it nor taste it. Regardless, the cake was tasty and moist, only not in a strawberryesque fashion. The chocolate was thick and creamy, as it should be. Good? Yes. Great? Almost, but not quite. A tad too dull for my tastes and not quite worth $3.

So, atmosphere was excellent, selection was poor, and the food was pretty good. Also, the use of paper plates and plastic silverware is inexcusable. I must add that this place also serves what looks to be a fantastic lunch, complete with homemade soups. Sadly, this is not a lunch blog, so that will not be taken into consideration. Thus, the SOHO Cafe and Bakery nets three and one-half capybaras out of five.

SOHO Cafe and Bakery
310 w. 8th st. kansas city, mo
Mon- Fri 7-2

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  1. Wow...i bet your wife liked that peanut butter chocolate thing. Did you take one home to her?